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Woolworths … Marshall Ward Bainbridge Department Store | Harrods Department Store | Department Stores | Selfridges Department Store London | Woolies | Woolworths Opening Hours | Daniel Department Store | Woolworths Website | Dingles Department Store | www.Woolworth.co.uk | Fenwicks Department Store London | Woolworth Catalogue | Woolworth Clearance | Woolworth Discount | Lewis's Department Store | BHS Department Store | Browns Department Store | Libertys Department Store | Woolworth London | David Jones Department Store Australia | Cole Brothers Department Store | Libertys Department Store | Contact Woolworths | Fenwicks Department Store London | Binns Department Store | Hallmark Log Cabin - 10'6. Bring the romance of a traditional ski lodge to your garden with this Hallmark Log Cabin in warm-coloured wood. Featuring charmimg Georgian double doors, antique-style features and a sturdy design this is a great way to enjoy spending time in your outdoor space, whatever the weather. Features Size: 10'6'' x 10'6'' (3.20 x 3.20m) Eaves height: 1.9m Georgian antique-style double doors with lock and key 1 window box Strengthened design to improve building stability Supplied with fixtures, fittings and red mineral roofing felt Styrene glazed windows Reversible doors and window positions Solid sheet roof and floor FREE factory applied base coat timber treatment Self assembly (instructions included)Artemisia. Despite being placed in a nunnery, Artemisia Gentileschi still wants to be a painter, something that is seen against God in 17th Century Italy. The Pope having decreed no woman can paint a nude male or enter the Academy. Instead she studies under her father, Orazio, embracing new techniques to his chagrin. Artemisia's journey as a painter is mirrored by her sexual awakening. Her father's rival, the debauched but brilliant Agostino Tassi arrives in town and Artemisia decides to learn from him, if he will take her as a student. Tassi falls for her charms, even using force on the innocent virgin. A true story, expertly crafted and sensually photographed of the liberating journey of the world's first accredited woman painter.Mezzo: Danger Service Agency - Shell Two. The danger business is a great way to get up-close and personal, and for the best-looking team in the butt-kicking game, high-stakes action with low-life criminals is just another day at the office. It's hard enough to wake up alive every day, but for Mikura, Harada, and Kurokawa it's getting tougher. Along with their squeaky killer-in-training, Asami, the DSA team is learning just how deceiving appearances can be, and since Kurokawa is a better judge of pasta than he is of character, things get even more difficult. Is it a video game or a torture chamber? A friend from the past or a high-tech simulation? For the DSA, the cost of the answers may be life itself! Episodes include: Shell of Memories Shell of Sorrow Shell of Thoughts Shell of DreamsAmnesia. Detective Sergeant Mack Stone's (John Hannah - Rebus, Sliding Doors) wife, Lucia, disappeared without trace tree months ago. Now on compassionate leave Stone uses every waking hour to try and find her. In a story brimming with twists and turns, Stone investigates an unsolved murder and finds his personal life inextricably linked to that of the murderer. Jemma Redgrave (Bramwell, The Swap) also stars in this tense drama which delves into the darkest parts of a man's mind and leaves Stone fighting to discover and prove his own innocence, wondering if he murdered his own his own wife and if he himself is now suffering from Amnesia....Marrow Ceramic Vase. Add a hint of Mediterranean chic to your home with this Marrow Ceramic Vase, a sophisticated blend of rich red, bronze and ivory.Boys WWE Slippers. Bold in red, black and yellow, these WWE Slippers are the ultimate lounging shoes for boys. On the front is a plastic image of Rey Myseterio with flashing lights that activate as he puts his foot down.   Features Rey Mysterio image  Flashing lights Logo on inside of sole Sturdy rubber sole Postman Pat - The Pirate Treasure. Shiver me timbers! Climb on board with Postman Pat and Jess the Cat as they set off on their most fantastic adventures yet! Join Pat and Jess along with all their friends from Greendale in three Brand New episodes with the feature length special The Pirate Treasure, as well as the Green Rabbit and the Flying Saucers. - Postman Pat's Pirate Treasure - Postman Pat's and the Green Rabbit - Postman Pat's and the Flying Saucers.Curtina Eton Curtains. Accessorise your living room or bedroom with these Curtina Eton Curtains featuring a traditional embossed flower pattern. Choose from an array of colours. Features 100% polyester Embossed flower pattern Dry clean onlyThe Catherine Cookson Collection - Complete [24 Disc Box]. The Catherine Cookson Collection presents 23 feature length adaptations of her most famous books. Featuring: The Moth, The Black Velvet Gown, The Black Candle, The Secret, The Mallen Streak, The Mallen Girls, The Mallen Secret, The Mallen Curse, The Girl, The Fifteen Streets, The Rag Nymph, The Wingless Bird, The Dwelling Place, The Glass Virgin, Tilly Trotter, The Storyteller, The Cinder Path, The Man Who Cried, The Round Tower, The Tide Of Life, Colour Blind, A Dinner Of Herbs and The Gambling Man.Dumbo [Special Edition]. With high-flying entertainment and messages about friendship, acceptance, courage and believing in yourself, Walt Disney's Dumbo is a timeless classic for children of all ages. Meet Dumbo, Mrs. Jumbo's sweet little Baby Mine, who charms all who see him...until it's discovered that he has huge floppy ears! With the support of his very best friend, Timothy the mouse, Dumbo soon learns that his spectacular ears make him unique and special, allowing him to soar to fame as the world's only flying elephant. You'll love the daring adventure, colourful characters, award-winning music and a Circus, an all-new activity where you can learn about your favourite circus animals. This Special Edition also features Sing Along Song, a DVD Storybook, a new digital transfer and much more.Various Artists - And 1 Ball Access: Global Invasion. The And 1 mix tape players are takin' over courts one country at a time. Jump on board as they invade the city streets and conquer everything from the courts to the culture in Paris, Barcelona, London, Milan and Frankfurt. This is the first And 1 Mix Tape tour overseas adventure. The World will never be the same again. Featuring previously unreleased footage Music by Jadakiss, Jin, Attitude and more The Paris Dunk Contest Helicopter Bursts on the Scene Team And 1 vs: Team And 1 with money on the lineMy Spanish Coach Improve Your Spanish. My Spanish Coach - Level 2 is a game that allows you to improve your Spanish vocabulary & develop your ability to express yourself with confidence & persuasion. Key Features: Play with words and letters with 6 Core Training Exercises Missing letter: Words are missing letters: find back the good one to succeed. In other levels, find which letter is incorrect & change it by the proper one. Split decision: Choose between several propositions the good definition for a word. Pasta letter: In this speed challenge, spell out words from letters sinking in a soup. In easy level, letters are displayed in the right order before being mixed in the soup. In harder level, only the definition will be displayed & you will have to figure out what is the word to spell. Block letter: In this Tetris like, spell any of the listed word with the block. When a word is correctly completed, it blocks are removed. Word shuffle: Fill in the spot the definitions corresponding to the correct word. Lastly, you will have to find back the word corresponding to the given definition between lots of different words. Safecracker: A word is the code of the safe. From the definition, write it as fast as possible & defeat your opponent. 3 difficulty levels Over 16,500 words and definitions using the Official Cambridge Dictionary Developed in collaboration with Tom Cobb-Mac Gill & Quebec University - Linguist 4 different personal coaches to choose from Save the data of 3 people so the whole family can play.Breakheart Pass. Charles Bronson (The Magnificent Seven, Death Wish) is at his dynamic, heroic best in this suspenseful, action-packed mystery western based on the best-selling novel by Alistair Maclean (Where Eagles Dare). With a powerful cast that includes Ben Johnson (The Last Picture Show), Richard Crenna (First Blood), Jill Ireland (Death Wish II) and Charles Durning (Tootsie), Breakheart Pass throws open the throttle for runaway excitement! At the height of the frontier era, a locomotive races through the Rocky Mountains on a classified mission to a remote Army post. But one by one, the passengers are being murdered! Their only hope is John Deaking (Bronson), a mysterious prisoner-in-transit who must fight for his life-and the lives of everyone on the train - as he uncovers a deadly secret that explodes in a torrent of shocking revelations, explosive brawls and blazing gun battles.Persuasion. 'At nineteen, to involve yourself with a man who had nothing but himself to recommend him! Spirit and brilliance, to be sure, but no fortune, and no connections! It was entirely prudent of you to reject him.' Anne has spent over seven years regretting being persuaded to reject the young Captain Wentworth's proposal. Now she learns he has returned from many years at sea, a handsome and eligible catch. Despite misunderstandings, a series of mismatches and the stifling etiquette of social arrangements, can they convince each other that their love still survives?Bob the Builder Umbrella. Take shelter from the rain beneath this colourful Bob the Builder Umbrella. With an image of Bob on every alternate section and yellow on the other, it has a navy blue plastic handle. Features 100% nylon One size Applique detailSeparate Lies. Secrets and lies spiral out of control in this mesmerizing suspense thriller. Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson star as James and Anne, a seemingly happy couple whose marriage begins to unravel when he learns she's been having an affair with their seductive neighbour, Bill (Rupert Everett). When a man turns up dead, James faces another shocking revelation that may cost him everything.Mickey's House Of Villains. The best meets the baddest when Mickey comes face-to-face with all of Disney's greatest villains. Packed with nonstop mischief and mayhem, and featuring an array of classic animated gems, Mickey's House Of Villains will have the whole family in stitches. Mickey and his pals have their hands full when the wicked Jafar teams up with Cruella, Hades, Ursula, Captain Hook, Maleficent and the rest of their cruel crew in a wild attempt to turn the House Of Mouse into the House Of Villians. Watch the ultimate face-off as these scene-stealing scoundrels grab the stage for the showstopping musical number, It's Our House Now! Can Jafar and company take the house? Or will Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy close the curtain on this band of villains?Sean Penn Collection: 21 Grams/Taps/Dead Man Walking/Colors. 21 Grams: Nominated for 2 Academy Awards and 5 Baftas, 21 Grams is an intense, critically acclaimed thriller with outstanding performances from Academy Award Winners Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Academy Award Nominee Naomi Watts. When a horrific accident traumatically bins three people's live together, events unfold that take them to the heights of passion, the depths of obsession and the promise of revenge. 21 Grams is a bold, multi-layered, extraordinary cinematic experience and an absolute must see. Taps: In this compelling drama, a cadet major (Timothy Hutton) leads his fellow military students in an armed revolt to prevent authorities from turning their school into a condominium complex. His surrogate father, who is also the academy's commander (George C. Scott), vows to fight the closing as well. But when an unexpected accident leads to the school's demise, military discipline goes haywire and tragedy results. Sean Penn, Tom Cruise and Ronny COx co-star in this thought-provoking film that questions the values and morals of today's society. Dead Man Walking: Sister Helen Prejean (Sarandon), a compassionate New Orleans nun, is the spiritual advisor to Matthew Poncelet (Penn), a vicious, angry and complex murderer awaiting execution. Her dedication is to help others, like Matthew, find salvation. But as she attempts to navigate Matthew's dark soul, she encounters a depth of evil that makes her question how far redemption can really go. Can she stave off the fateful day of execution long enough to save Matthew, or will she discover a truth that will rock the very foundation by which she lives her life? State Of Grace: New York City's Hell's Kitchen is a pressure cooker of pent-up anger... and it's about to explode! Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, Robin Wright, John Turturro and John C. Reilly deliver exceptional performances in this finely drawn tale of betrayal, redemption and guilt that will put you on the edge of your seat! Terry Noonan (Penn) returns to his old neighbourhood with a score to settle. He's now an undercover cop dead-set on taking down an Irish mob family headed by Frankie Flannery (Harris) and his hot-headed brother Jackie (Oldman). But when Noonan infiltrates the family, his old feelings for the Flannery's sister (Wright) further heighten the stakes as he enters a violent showdown with them during a crowded St. Patrick's Day Parade! Colors: The hard edged, heart-thumping action of this film captures the vivid mark that gang life has left on Los Angeles. Bob Hodges (Robert Duvall) is a seasoned street cop who has learned a lot from long experience while his new young partner, Danny McGavin (Sean Penn), has learned nothing yet knows it all. Forced together to investigate a brutal gang murder they soon realise they must come to terms with one important fact - to stay alive they must come together.Queen - Rock Montreal And Live Aid. In 1981, with Under Pressure topping the charts in the UK, Queen arrived in Montreal following dates in Japan and their record-breaking tour of Latin America. It was to be the first concert by Queen that was shot on 35mm film. Always a great live band, with arguably the greatest frontman of all time in Freddie Mercury, they excelled themselves with the cameras rolling. The picture has been digitally restored from the original film and the sound has been newly mixed and mastered for DTS Surround Sound and PCM Stereo from the original multitrack tapes, and with the addition of High Definition quality Queen have simply never looked or sounded this good. EXTRAS: Brand new audio commentary by Brian May and Roger Taylor / The full Queen Live Aid performance / Never before seen full performance footage of Queen rehearsing for Live Aid: Bohemian Rhapsody + Radio Gaga + Hammer To Fall / Previously unreleased Live Aid interview with the whole band / 1982 news feature from US TV series PM Magazine. TRACKLISTING 01: Intro 02: we Will Rock You (fast) 03: Let Me Entertain You 04: Play The Game 05: Somebody To Love 06: Killer Queen 07: I'm In Love With My Car 08: Get Down Make Love 09: Save Me 10: Now I'm Here 11: Dragon Attack 12: Now I'm Here (reprise) 13: Love Of My Life 14: Under Pressure 15: Keep Yourself Alive 16: Drum & Timpani Solo 17: Guitar Solo 18: Crazy Little Thing Called Love 19: Jailhouse Rock 20: Bohemian Rhapsody 21: Tie Your Mother Down 22: Another One Bites The Dust 23: Sheer Heart Attack 24: We Will Rock You 25: We Are The Champions 26: God Save The Queen 27: Live Aid: Bohemian Rhapsody 28: Live Aid: Radio Gaga 29: Live Aid: Hammer To Fall 30: Live Aid: Crazy Little Thing Called... 31: Live Aid: We Will Rock You 32: Live Aid: We Are The Champions 33: Live Aid: Is This The World We Crea...Bad Boys. When $100 million of seized heroin is stolen from the Miami Police lockup, Detectives Lowrey (Will Smith - Hitch) and Burnett (Martin Lawrence - National Security), Miami's most mismatched cops, are called upon to solve the case before the FBI close their department. Julie (Tea Leoni - Spanglish) is their only lead to the case, but will only speak to Lowrey. As he is not around when she calls, Burnett impersonates his cool, slick partner. A hilarious role reversal begins in order to retain her trust. From then on, it's a race against time as the trio dodge the mob, and retain their charade while putting pressure on every low-life in Miami's underworld to track down their man. Woolworths Online Sale | Woolworths Direct, UK.

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Woolworths Catalogue: At the time of writing a Woolworths Catalogue is not available, but we look forward to exploring a Woolworths Catalogue when one does become available! None-the-less, at the Woolworths website shopping is a snap. Ordering online from Woolworths Direct is quick and easy - just a few clicks and you're done. It's that simple! Most of the items featured in the Woolworths stores are also available to browse and buy online at Woolworths UK website.

Woolworths is a favourite British department store. With numerous stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, big stores, small stores - in town and out of town - and an excellent retail website, Woolworths are committed to offering UK shoppers ever greater value, the widest of choices and excellent Woolworths service in every way that's possible.

Woolworths sells both UK products and international brands, and Woolworths are the number one UK retailer of many products, with a selection of home entertainment products - DVDs, Videos, Digital Music downloads, PC and video games and lots more!

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When you give someone Woolworths Gift Vouchers, you're bound to impress - and to be impressed; it's the single gift that's always guaranteed to please! Whether the recipient is a lover of digital music, toys and games or garden furniture and cellphones, a Woolworths Gift Voucher is sure to put a smile on their face! Woolworths Gift vouchers offer so much choice; they can be spent at five of the country's favourite stores... Woolworths, Woolworths big W, MVC, Comet and B&Q DIY. With over 1,500 stores and over 150,000 products to choose from Woolworths Gift Vouchers make the ideal gift.

The wide array of products on offer at www.Woolworth is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Woolworths offers to take advantage of:

Polaroid Underwater Camera with Goggles, at Woolworth
Make a splash in a flash with this Polaroid Underwater Camera with Goggles. Take pictures of all your aquatic antics and impress both family and friends. Features include a large, flip-top viewfinder, with a high-quality lens, and a convenient wrist strap. It can be used to a depth of 32ft/10m. In addition, it comes with a pair of high-quality goggles to protect your eyes. Features 27 exposures 800 speed Large flip-up viewfinder High-quality lens High-quality goggles Convenient wrist strap Use underwater down to 32ft/10m

Girl Tech Digi Makeover, at Woolworths
Create your own looks and styles with the Girl Tech Digi Makeover. Simply plug into your TV to see your amazing transformation. Change hairstyles, makeup and accessories. Suitable for ages 6 years+ Features Built-in digital camera Photo booth mode Plugs into your TV Touchscreen and stylus 4 x AA batteries required (not included)

Peter Duncan's Family Travels - Volume 2: China, at Woolworths
This six part series follows the backpacking adventures of Actor and one time Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan, Annie his wife and their four children Lucy, Katie, Georgia and Arthur. After walking the Great Wall of China close to Beijing, they fly to Urumqui in the North West and then travel by train to Xian to see the extraordinary Terracotta Warriors. The Duncans live with Chinese families in rural China and sail through the disappearing Three Gorges towards Shanghai. They discover a country rapidly changing and the Chinese to be exceptionally friendly people. This series was first broadcast on Five and Sky as 'Chinese Breakaway'. Volume 1 shows their six month world trip and Volume 3 their journey to India.

Dynasty Warriors, at Woolworth
Combat Ready... Anywhere You Go. Battlefield Area system creates strategic gameplay exclusively for portable gaming! New Officer system gives officers special skills you control! Hundreds of officers to choose from. Trade officers with the Memory Stick Duo! Play as 42 Dynasty Warriors! Seven stories in Musou and Free modes! Ride stampeding elephants and horses!

Jamster Allstars (Mercury Games), at Woolworths
Saving the world one TOne at a time! Rumours are that the Crazy Frog has stolen all the music from the Magical Musical World of Jamster! Fly, jump, Roll and Smash your way through the world with Follie, Sweety and the Jamster Allstars. Unravel the mystery, return all the magical notes and restore the Magical Musical World one tone at a time!

Clocking Off - Series 1, at Woolworth
How much do you know about the person working next to you? At Mackintosh Textiles, infidelity, gang harassment and plastic surgery fuel the rumour mill, while marriages become loveless, husbands disappear and arson attempts are bungled. Written by Paul Abbot and first broadcast on BBC1 in 2000, Clocking off is widely acclaimed as one of the strongest, most innovative and gripping dramas to emerge in recent years. Series 1 boasts an incredible cast including Christopher Eccleston, Sarah Lancashire, Jason Merrells, Diane Parish, Lesley Sharp and John Simms among others. From the outside, life in the factory appears to run smoothly, but in a community with so many secrets to hide, things are far from straightforward....

Tutti Bambini Alicante Vanilla Toy Box, at Woolworths
Keep all your little one's toys, games and teddies neat and tidy in this high quality, Alicante Vanilla Toybox. Not just for hiding away toys, can also be used as a seat. Designed for the Alicante Vanilla Room Set. Features Light stained finish 68 litre capacity Slow-closing lid Dimensions: 75 x 38 x 37.6cm (L x W x H)

King Creole, at Woolworths
The year was 1958. Everybody's datin' at the drive-in. America launches its first satellite. The novel Lolita stirs up controversy. And Elvis Presley gives Bourbon Street a new beat in King Creol. He plays a troubled youth whose singing sets the French Quarter rockin'. With a sweet girl to love him and nightclubbers cheering, it looks like Elvis will shake off his past and head for the top. But will a mobster and his man - trap moll snare him in a life of crime?

Driver 3, at Woolworth
TANNER, MAVERICK UNDERCOVER COP, A.K.A. THE DRIVER, infiltrates a worldwide-high-performance car-theft-ring. The high speed chases and the shoot outs takes the action across 3 continents as Tanner uses any means necessary to take his criminal counterparts down. 25+ plot integrated missions. Driving games and free roaming modes included 3 meticulously re-created cities with over 156 miles of road: Miami, Nice and Istanbul Over 70 completely destructible vehicles such as cars, bikes, trucks and boats Real world weapons including handguns, machine guns and grenade launcher Innovative in-game thrill cam plus director mode to make your own movies Featuring the acting talents of Michael Madsen, Ving Rhames, Michelle Rodriguez, Mickey Rourke and Iggy Pop

Longridge 4-in-1 Chipping Net, at www.Woolworth
The Longridge 4-in-1 pop-up Chipping Net has four different practice games to develop your short game. Used over time it will develop your aim, distance control and feel. Features Easy Assembly Made from durable aterials 4 Targets 60cm diameter For indoor or outdoor use

The Siege, at Woolworths
Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington deliver action and mayhem in this edge-of-your-seat thrill ride from the director of Courage Under Fire and Glory. When a crowded city bus blows up in Brooklyn and a campaign begins to make its bloody mark on the streets of New York, it's up to FBI special agent Anthony Hub Hubbard (Washington) and U.S. Army General William Devereaux (Willis) to find out who is responsible... and put an end to the destruction. Together, they face explosive danger at every turn when they team up to wage an all-out war against a ruthless band of terrorists. Co-starring Annette Bening (The American President) and Tony Shalhoub (Men In Black).

El Diego: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Footballer, at Woolworths
Diego Armando Maradona: hero or villain? One thing is certain: he was the greatest footballer of his generation - and perhaps of all time. A poor boy from a Buenos Aires shanty-town, his genius with a ball took him to the heights of European and world football, and his struggle with the pressures of life inside and outside the game pulled him right back down again. Never before has Maradona given us his extraordinary story in his own words. Until now.

Spooks - Complete Season 6, at Woolworths
Growing mistrust between the British, American and Iranian Governments culminates in a series of high-risk operations at home, pushing the Section to its very limits. As Iran's race to become a nuclear power impacts on British and American security, the distinction between friend and foe becomes ever more blurred. Harry and his team start to question exactly whose agenda they're working to and who they can trust - both on and off the Grid.

Randy Rides Alone/Star Packer/Trail Beyond, at Woolworths
Randy Rides Alone When Randy is jailed for murders that he did not commit, Sally Rogers breaks out of jail, knowing that he is innocent. On the run from the Sherriff, Randy stumbles across the real murderers hideout. In order to clear his name Randy must find a way of leading the Sheriff to the law-breaking gang. The Star Packer When the Sheriff is murdered by The Shadow and his gang. Travers and his companion Yak, take over the job of solving the town's murders. By capturing two gang members they learn where to find The Shadow and how to rescue Travers' heroine. The Trail Beyond Set against a snowy mountain backdrop, Rod Drew saves college pal Wabi from card-sharks on train. He later finds two skeletons and a map that appears to lead to goldmine. But Drew and Wabi are not the only people aware of the existence of the map or the goldmine.....

Serenity/The One/Stealth, at www.Woolworths
Serenity: Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a hardened veteran (on the losing side) of a galactic civil war, now ekes out of living aboard his ship, Serenity. He leads a small, eclectic crew, but when Mal takes on two new passengers - a young doctor and his telepathic sister - he gets much more than he bargained for. The One: From the director of Final Destination comes a wild action-packed trip to the future starring international superstar Jet Li an incredible dual role as a police officer in a fight for his life and a universe-hopping assassin obsessed with terminating it. Also starring Carla Gugino (Spy Kids), Jason Statham (Snatch) and loaded with explosive action and jaw-dropping effects beyond your wildest imagination! Stealth: The world's three best pilots are partnered with a state-of-the-art, fully-automated, pilotless, superstealth warplane - inhuman and invincible. But once in the air, it goes haywire, leaving them with one final mission - bring it down.

Funny Ha Ha, at Woolworths
Andrew Bujalski's acclaimed debut follows Marnie, a young Boston slacker, as she drifts through post-collegiate life searching for romance and employment. She is forced to endure the awkwardness of an unrequited crush on her friend, Alex, the unwanted attentions of a work colleague, Mitchell, and a string of boring temp jobs but manages to move through her brief, painful summer with humour and dignity.

Long Weekend, at Woolworths
A lost cult classic of the Australian New Wave of the 70s, Long Weekend is a sinister, eerie tale of nature at its most dangerous. Urban couple Peter (John Hargreaves) and Marcia's (Briony Behets) marriage is on the rocks. As a last ditch attempt to save their relationship, Peter arranges for the couple to spend the long weekend together away at a remote beach on the Australian coast. With Marcia preferring to stay someplace more luxurious, their romantic getaway gets off to a bad start - and then they hit an animal on the lonely road. When they finally reach the beach, the urbanites begin making themselves comfortable in their new surroundings, but they soon discover that nature is not in an accommodating mood. As one disaster after another emerges, the tensions between Peter and Marcia rise to the surface. Preempting Open Water by 25 years, Long Weekend is a chilling meditation on modern life, from the writer of Razorback and Roadgames.

The Railway Children, at Woolworths
Starring Jenny Agutter and Bernard Cribbins, Lionel Jeffries' adaptation of E. Nesbit's much-loved bestseller, The Railway Children, is a timeless and enduring affair. After their father is mysteriously taken away, three Edwardian children move to the country where the local railway becomes a source of hope and adventure. Sensitive without being sentimental, the film perfectly captures the magical world of childhood and recently featured in the BFI's list of the 100 greatest British films of all time.

Horrid Henry's Underpants, at Woolworths
Four hilarious new stories, in which Horrid Henry hits on a brilliant way to write thank you letters, negotiates over vegetables, competes with Perfect Peter over which of them is sickest, and finds himself wearing the wrong underpants, with dreadful consequences.

Mozart - Cosi Fan Tutte (Sellars), at Woolworth
Though performed in the original Italian, Peter Sellars' production of Cosi fan tutte relocates Mozart's comedy of love to the neon-and-chrome glare of a seaside diner, mirroring the turbulent world of late-twentieth-century America. Peter Sellars' productions of Don Giovanni and Le nozze di Figaro, set in the dark streets of Harlem and the heights of New York's Trump Tower, are also available on DVD.

Farscape - Season 4 Vol. 1, at Woolworths
John Crichton's explosive journey through the Uncharted Territories continues, as Scorpios reveals that the plans for the wormhole technology harvested from Crichton's brain have a far deadlier purpose. As the galaxy prepares for war, Moya's crew have to decide where their loyalties lie...

Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare, at Woolworths
Everyone has nightmares. But only Alice Cooper would defy rock 'n' roll convention and present those images in his legendary show 'Welcome To My Nightmare'. The first full-blown rock-theater extravaganza ever, this is the concert that amazed audiences and critics everywhere. Alice stars in this visual feast, which was to set the standard for all other rock tours to follow with its elaborate and innovative staging. Featuring hits and classic songs (including 'I'm Eighteen', 'School's Out', 'Only Women Bleed', 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' and the trademark title track), the nightmare vividly comes to life on the rock stage, bringing forth a plethora of skeletons, giant spiders, a cyclops, the magic movie screen, and the voice of horrormeister Vincent Price, all designed to thrill you and keep you uneasy in your sleep. There is only one Alice Cooper. So, let this legendary rock showman welcome you to his nightmare. Pleasant Dreams... Track listing: - The Awakening. - Welcome To My Nightmare. - Years Ago. - No More Mr. Nice Guy. - I'm Eighteen. - Some Folks. - Cold Ethyl. - Only Women Bleed. - Billion Dollar Babies. - Devil's Food. - The Black Widow. - Steven. - Escape. - School's Out. - Department Of Youth.

Sky Blue [Collectors Edition], at Woolworths
It's 2140 and, after a catastrophic environmental disaster the only way to survive it to live in the last outcrop of human civilisation - Ecoban. Its existence is down to the slaves outside whose continuing labours ensure their own demise. Their only hope is a rebel fighter who must infiltrate the city and escape with its secrets to win the freedom of the slaves and save the planet from total destruction. Painstakingly shot over a 7 year period, using revolutionary combination of techniques, Sky Blue is a genre pushing film that takes animation to previously unseen heights. This is one film that must be seen to be believed.

Singstar Rocks!, at Woolworths
Live The Dream... Take the stage with SingStar Rocks! Get your mates round, Choose your track, Grab a mic, Wow the crowd with your performance! 30 Original Tracks And Music Video: Bloc Party - Banquet Blur - Song 2 Bowling For Soup - 1985 Coldplay - Speed Of Sound Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For? Hard Fi - Hard To Beat Hole - Celebrity Skin Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl Kasabian - Club Foot Keane - Everybody's Changing Kings of Leon - The Bucket KT Tunstall - Black Horse and The Cherry Tree Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure Nirvana - Come As You Are Queen - Don't Stop Me Now Queens of the Stone Age - Go With the Flow Razorlight - Somewhere Else Snow Patrol - Run Stereophonics - Dakota The Bravery - An Honest Mistake The Cardigans - My Favourite Game The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So The Killers - Somebody Told Me The Offspring - Self-Esteem The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black Scorpions - Wind Of Change The Undertones - Teenage Kicks Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town

Bob The Builder Knitted Stripe Jumper, at www.Woolworths
Make Bob the Builder a staple in your little one's winter wardrobe with this Bob the Builder Knitted Stripe Jumper. With an appliqued design of Bob on the front, it will look great teamed with jeans.  Features 100% Acrylic Appliqued Bob the Builder design Rubber badges on arm

Scary Movie 4 [Extended And Unsanitized Edition], at Woolworths
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to watching movies... Scary Movie 4 rears its ugly head and delivers the outrageously hilarious extended and unsanitized version, never before seen in cinemas. It's no-holds-barred as this laugh-packed hit spoofs Hollywood's most frightening blockbusters... and stars Anna Faris (Scary Movie 1-3, Lost In Translation), Regina Hall (Scary Movie 1-3, Malibu's Most Wanted) and Craig Bierko (Cinderella Man) with uproariously funny cameo appearances by Carmen Electra, Michael Madsen and Leslie Nielsen! Remember, no grudge is strong enough, no village is safe enough, no saw is sharp enough to keep these laughs from killing their intended victims!

The Da Vinci Code, at Woolworths
Dan Brown's international bestseller comes alive in the film The Da Vinci Code, directed By Academy Award Winner Ron Howard (2001 Directing, A Beautiful Mind). Join symbologist Robert Langdon (Academy Award Winner Tom Hanks, 1993 Best Actor, Philadelphia, and 1994 Best Actor, Forrest Gump) and cryptologist Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou) in their thrilling quest to solve a bizarre murder mystery that will take them from Paris to London - and behind the veil of a mysterious ancient society, where they discover a secret so powerful it could shake the very foundations of mankind.

Easy Inflatable Bed - Double, at Woolworths
Unexpected guests and no spare room to house them? With this Double Easy Inflatable Bed you've got a spare bed in an instant. Features Soft flocked sleeping surface Built-in pillow Built-in foot pump Quick inflate/deflate valve Size: 191 x 140 x 23cm (75 x 55 x 9")

9ct Gold Cubic Zirconia Horse Shoe Ring, at Woolworths
This beautifully designed Horse Shoe Ring, with a stunning Cubic Zirconia horseshoe feature is set in 9ct Gold, making it a timeless piece you will treasure forever. Features Crafted in 9ct gold Various sizes available Complimentary gift box supplied

Step2 Toddle Tune Coupe - Pink, at www.Woolworths
Little drivers will love going for a drive in this Pink Step2 Toddle Tune Coupe. This beautiful ride-on plays three fun songs when the button on the pretend steering wheel is pushed. Plus it includes open/close petrol cap. Suitable for ages 18 months+ Features 2x AAA batteries required Opening driver's side door 3 songs played Moulded roof and integrated supports Open and close petrol cap Rear storage seat Minimal adult assembly required

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